Why Us

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Why Us

“Committed to Exceptional Quality, Customers and Services”

An ISO 9001-2008 and FSSC 22000:2005 (HACCP), Shree Kailash Grain Mills is one of the largest Durum Wheat Milling company and merchant exporter of agro products in India. Our primary products are Durum Semolina – Special Kesari, Lapsi/Daliya, Chakki Fresh Atta, Soya and soya products, Spices, Maize, Chick Peas and many other products.

Across all our products, milling services and trade, one thing remains unchanged– our commitment to exceptional quality, food safety & fair trade.

Our production capacity runs at 500 MT ton per day with meticulous levels of quality controls ensuring the highest levels of sanitation and cleanliness.

The process is untouched by hand and the final product is free from foreign matter and infestation. Our Food Safety department maintains compliance with all state requirements and ensures each process follows food safety practices.

Premium Products

Time tested taste and exceptional quality are the indicators of a Shree Kailash Grain Mills product and we are proud that the best quality bansi wheat is acknowledged as “Kailash Grain Quality Wheat”.

Sourced directly from farmers and reputed suppliers/traders, we use only all-natural grains with no chemicals, additives or artificial ingredients ensuring the product range is acclaimed for its standard, nutritional content, usage & purity.

All Golden Bansi products are made from superior quality wheat which is hard in texture and has high water absorption properties. This wheat has high protein and β-Carotene content which gives the product a natural colour and uniform size.

Providing quality products to a quality-aware market

Our patrons are located pan India, ranging from large distributors to everyday grocery chains. Golden Bansi offers a wide range of packaging sizes to accommodate the divergent customer needs. We aim to form close, long term trusted relationships with distributors nationally and internationally.

Quality Policy

The quality control is carried out with the inward inspection of the raw material and also with the regular in-process inspection during production and quality assurance of our products is given on the basis of Visual Quality checking at different stages. The word, “Quality, is the point of focus for the company. Quality control dept. runs parallel to all the other departments. With every phase the product materials undergo from Quality control system.

Accreditations & Certifications

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